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Let it Ride Casino

Let It Ride is a casino variation of poker, played against the casino rather than against the other players. The game's relatively slow pace and the chance to pull back two of the three bets has made Let It Ride popular with older players and table game neophytes. At the same time, the game's slow pace has resulted in some casino dealers nicknaming the game Let It Die.

After reviewing their first three cards, the player has the option to take down one of the three wagers or Let it Ride. The dealer then turns over the first of the hidden cards. Then again, after reviewing the cards, the player can once again take down one of the bets or Let It Ride.

Step 1: You start things off by placing your initial wager and hitting the Deal button.

Step 2: Five cards are dealt: two face down and three face up. At this point you have to decide if you want to call or fold. If you fold, the game will proceed to the next stage and only your first wager will be considered. If you call, another bet equal to your first will be added to the table and the first card is flipped.

Step 3: After you consider the four cards showing, decide if you want to fold or call. Again, if you fold the game proceeds and only the first and second bets are considered. If you call, a third wager is added. The final card is turned and you’re paid out accordingly.
Let It Ride Casino Rules
Let It Ride is based on five card stud poker. In this game, you are not playing against any other players or the house. It is simply you against Lady Luck.

The player places three equal bets in front of him. Most casinos require each of the three bets to be at least $5 but some offer lower limits. Some casinos also offer a bonus payout that you can bet $1 to play. The bonus payout will be explained in more detail later.

Each player and the dealer receives 3 cards face down. The dealer immediately discards one of his three cards. He does not look at the card before discarding it so he has no say on which one is removed. Once all of the cards have been dealt, the players can pick up their cards. After looking at your first 3 cards, you may ask for your first bet back or "Let It Ride". If you don't think you are going to have a winning hand, you ask for your first bet back by dragging your cards on the table the same way as if you were taking a hit in Blackjack. The dealer will then give you back one of your three bets. The money you are given back is now not a part of the bet you are making. In other words, if you end up having a losing hand, you don't lose the money you were just given back. And, if you end up having a winning hand, you are not paid on the bet you just took back. If you think you will have a winning hand, you would slide your cards face down under your bet. That bet that you left on the table will stay there for the remainder of the hand.

After every player has been given the option to "Let It Ride" or take it back, the dealer flips up one of his 2 cards. All of the players at the table are now using the dealers up card, along with their 3 original cards, to try to make a good hand. The process then repeats - You can either "Let It Ride" or take it back. If you think you are going to end up with a winning hand, you would "Let It Ride". If not, take it back. Whichever decision you make, it does not affect the decision you made on the first bet. In other words, if you let the first bet ride because you thought you would have a winning hand and now you don't think you will have a winner, you can pull back your 2nd bet but the first one has to stay on the table.

Once you have made a decision on the second bet, and either have decided to "Let It Ride" or pulled it back, you must tuck your cards under your remaining bet(s). Of course, if you want to take back your second bet, make sure the dealer gives it to you before you tuck your cards. Otherwise he will think you want to "Let It Ride" and won't give you the money back. Once you tuck the cards this time, you can't touch them for the remainder of the game.